In 2007, LaRoe P.C. introduced general counsel outsourced solutions for professional services, system integrators and IT staffing companies in the DFW Metroplex. Most busy IT services related companies simply cannot afford the expense of employing staff attorneys to act as full time general counsel or the time consuming and expensive cost of paying outside counsel to respond to occasional issues. To respond to this need, LaRoe P.C. developed its General Counsel Solutions to be both responsive and cost effective to best serve IT professional service providers’ needs.

LaRoe P.C.’s General Counsel Solutions process is three pronged and encompasses both an initial analysis and assessment of a client’s critical General Counsel needs against the LaRoe P.C. “Ideal Professional Services Company”, the implementation of an LaRoe P.C. General Counsel Action Plan to address and eliminate potentially costly deficiencies or inadequacies in policies, procedures or documents and a regular General Counsel Maintenance Plan.

LaRoe P.C.’s initial analysis and assessment involves an in depth examination of key company documents, company policies and procedures and interviews of key personnel in the following areas:

  • General Office
  • Human Resources
  • General Corporate
  • Contract Administration
  • Legal Administration

Thereafter, LaRoe P.C. works with clients to design, establish and implement agreed action items in the client’s General Counsel Action Plan to upgrade each client’s processes and procedures. LaRoe P.C. then works with clients through a regular General Counsel Maintenance Plan to ensure clients’ continued implementation of the General Counsel Action Plan.

LaRoe P.C. offers a variety of payment options, including a “right sized” monthly fee. LaRoe P.C. is also available to provide additional advice and consultation on an agreed basis.