Major Case Commercial Property Insurance Subrogation has been a cornerstone of LaRoe P.C. practice since 1993. LaRoe P.C. has had the privilege of  long time relationships representing commercial property insurance companies in their largest  and most important recovery cases throughout the United States.

LaRoe P.C. is highly experienced in the unique complexities presented by subrogation matters including the multi-party issues and the varied indemnities, waivers and coverages involved.

LaRoe P.C. has also built a network of top experts to assist clients.  Much like LaRoe P.C., these companies are veteran forensic, standard of care, damage and coverage professionals that understand the issues that are presented in complex multi-party lawsuits.  LaRoe P.C.’s network of proven experts includes experts such as:

  • Forensic structural, electrical and mechanical  engineers;
  • Architect standard of care experts;
  • Engineer standard of care experts;
  • Project management standard of care experts;
  • Plumbing, electrical, gas and roofing standard of care experts;
  • Building code experts;
  • Forensic accounting, business interruption and damages experts;
  • Microbial contamination experts;
  • Forensic meteorologists;
  • Forensic fire investigators;
  • Job-site security experts; and
  • Commercial business insurance procurement and coverage experts.

LaRoe P.C.’s Commercial Property Subrogation Practice is  dedicated to excellence in maximizing recoveries for LaRoe P.C.’s select group of  insurer clients.