An essential component of every successful business is successful risk management. However, when faced with business threatening emergencies, such as hail, fire, hurricane, flood, collapse, construction project damage or allegations of negligence, businesses may find that their insurer is:

  • not promptly responding to their claim,
  • not properly valuing their claim, or
  • denying coverage for all or part of their claim.

Each such business has options to:

  1. “Do it themselves” to try to convince their insurer to change and pay their claim,
  2. Retain and work with “public adjusters” to argue for them,
  3. Depend on “their brokers” to resolve their dispute,
  4. Rely solely on in-house counsel or current corporate counsel who may not have business insurance claims experience; or
  5. Engage specialty business insurance claim counsel like LaRoe P.C.

LaRoe P.C. offers cost effective business insurance claim counsel services that begin with an initial analysis and that can continue through litigation, if necessary.

LaRoe P.C. starts each client engagement with a comprehensive analysis and report. LaRoe P.C. designed its initial comprehensive analysis to assist companies in promptly analyzing their claim and their insurers and in deciding on the best approach to resolving their dispute. LaRoe P.C.’s custom analyses include analyses of coverage, timing and valuation of the business’ claim and offer recommended courses of action considering many factors such as litigation risks and benefits,
time value of money and lost opportunity cost arising from protracted litigation.

If litigation or other legal action is necessary (often times it is not) LaRoe P.C. offers contingent fee options and can offset the cost of the initial LaRoe P.C. analysis against the contingent fee.

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